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Thematic Studies in East Asian Maritime Archaeology Shipwreck ASIA:
Thematic Studies in East Asian Maritime Archaeology
Edited by Jun Kimura | 2010

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Foreword (540 downloads)
1. Historical development of shipbuilding technologies in East Asia (751 downloads)
2. Watertight bulkheads and limber holes in Ancient Chinese Boats (686 downloads)
3. Two Ming Dynasty shipyards in Nanjing and their infrastructure (761 downloads)
4. Iron nails recovered from the plank of the Shinan shipwreck (635 downloads)
5. Goryeo Dynasty (918–1392), shipwrecks in Korea (569 downloads)
6. Identification of materials of the Quanzhou ship and Samed Nagam ship (693 downloads)
7. A report on a keel excavated at Nishihama, Nagasaki, Japan (542 downloads)
Project participants list (647 downloads)

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