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Site Country Discovered Location Dating Status of Hull remains
Pontian boat Malaysia Pahang, Malay Peninsula 260 - 430 A.D. Mid
Xuande wreck site Malaysia 1540s N/A
Turiang shipwreck Malaysia 42 meters of water, 100 nm from shore 1305 -1370 High
Tanjung Simpang Shipwreck Malaysia 400m from shore, at a depth of 12m, off Tanjung Simpangmanayau, in the north of Sabah 960-1126 Mid
Singtai wreck site Malaysia 1550s
Royal Nanhai Shipwreck Malaysia
Nanyang Shipwreck Malaysia In 54 meters of water, 10 nm from the island of Tioman 1380s High
Longquan shipwreck Malaysia 1400s
Desaru shipwreck Malaysia At a depth of 20 meters, 2 nm off Desaru beach, on the east coast of Johor, in the souhteast coast of Peninsular Malaysia 1840s High
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