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Site Country Discovered Location Dating Status of Hull remains
Hin Bush wreck site Thailand 16th cent. Low
Ko Kra Thailand 14.4km from Ko Kra go to East,94 km from Pak Panang 16th cent.
Bang sak shipwreck Thailand 1.6 km from Thabtawan beach Radio carbon date of 760}220 B.P Low
Nakhon si Tammarat Thailand 450 B.P/ccarbon 14
Ko Tao Thailand 16th cent. Low
Samed Ngam Thailand Chanthabiuri river Tambon Samedngam Aumper Muang Chanthaburi province,near the mouth of the river. 18th-19th cent Low
Klang Aow 1 Shipwreck Thailand At the middle in the gulf of Thailand,55 Miles from Sattahip Chonburi 1500-1530 Low
Klang Aow 2 Thailand At the middle in the gulf of Thailand,62 Miles from Sattahip Chonburi.42m Depth 16th cent.
Ko Samui Shipwreck Thailand between Samui island and Tan island. 21 m. depth 1658-1857 Low
Prachuap Khiri Khan wreck site Thailand 1558-1757 Low
Pattaya Shipwreck Thailand between Pattaya beach and Lan island. 26m. Depth 1558-1657 Low
Rayong wreck site Thailand This site in the Gulf of Thailand was visited by a Thai-Danish team in 1977, but no information was recorded 1657-1757
Bangkachai I Thailand At Bangkachai Bay N/A (No hull remains)
Bangkachai II Thailand At Bangkachai Bay,around 2 km. from the seashore Dated by Wanli ware 1573-1619 cent. /by Chinese inscribe on scal box after 1610 A.D/Radio carbon date of 360}70 BP Low
Ko Si Chang 1 Thailand 25km from Ko Si Chang,go to west Dated by Wanli ware 1573-1619 cent.Radio carbon date of 1570}90 Low
Ko Si Chang 2 Thailand 3.5km from Ko Si Chang,go to SW,25-27 mDepth 14-15 cent Low
Ko Si Chang 3 Thailand 5.9 Nautical miles from Northern end of Ko Si Chang.24Depth Mid 16th cent Radio carbondate 1410}70 Low
Ko Talu Thailand 14.5km from pak klong klang 1941-1952 Low
Ko Khram or Sattahip Shipwreck Thailand Near ko Kram Island which faces Sattahip Bay Chonburi province.40m. Depth 1450-1475 A.D .CARBON DATING CONFUSED 520}140/1680}270 Low
Ko Kradat Shipwreck Thailand Island of Trad province in south- est Thailand,1 km north of the northern end of the island,some 200 m infeom the ffrringing reef 1.5 depth at low water 1522-1566 AD. N/A (No hull remains)
Ko Rin wreck site Thailand 1558-1757 N/A (No hull remains)
Ko Rang Kwien Shipwreck Thailand West of Bang Sarea Bay and about 800 m. north from Rang Kwien island. 21m. Depth 14 -early 15 th cent/Radio carbon date of 1030 } 80 BP Low
Ko Samae San Shipwreck Thailand 1658-1857
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